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Singer Sewing Machine 1507 – The Convenient Machine

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Maintenance and storage of sewing machines takes lots of our time, patience, and effort. Standard sewing machines have numerous small parts that need regular cleaning, oiling, and some fixing once damaged; which take several tools to do such thing as if you’re fixing a car. Such machines also are way very bulky you cannot carry those if you will go to your friend’s house to continue working with your garment while on vacation. Lastly, great care should be given in turning those machines upside-down if you will not use it for a long period of time; but not anymore with the very small yet much reliable Singer sewing machine 1507.


The Singer 1507 sewing machine does the usual tasks of a regular-sized sewing machine at its compact size of only 15 x 8 x 12 inches and weight of only 17.7 pounds. What also makes this machine compact is that it also does the functions of a special sewing machine with the free-arm capability that enables you to sew tubular garment parts such as sleeves and pant legs; and of an embroidery machine with its set of 8 built-in stitches that can be used with just a touch of the dial in this machine. You can not just do straight-stitching but also satin-stitching, zigzag-stitching, among other basic embroidery stitches.

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You can also do the buttonhole-making and the button- and zipper-attaching tasks with the Singer sewing machine 1507 provided you will use the right presser foot for each sewing and embroidery function. Plus, it also has a built-in storage for the accessories that are included in the unit for easy organization and access to such supplementary items.


Singer 1507 sewing machine

Singer 1507 sewing machine

Changing presser feet for different functions will need no screwdrivers for you can now interchange feet in just a snap with the Singer 1507 sewing machine. What also makes this machine easy to operate – thus good for beginners – is its quick and easy threading system (just follow the numbered arrow guides and, presto, you’re now ready to sew), the automatic bobbin-winding system that enables you to wind thread to the bobbins quickly and safely, and its buttonhole-making system that can be done with the buttonhole foot in four easy steps.


One other important feature of the Singer 1507 sewing machine is the canvas cover that protects the product from dust when not in use. Also, with its light weight (not much very light, actually) and built-in handle, you can transport the machine anywhere you want; and with its small size, you can mount it in a cabinet in just a few easy steps. Sewing especially at night will now be easy with the machine’s built-in lamp to brighten your working area. Plus, you can avail of its 25-year limited warranty once the unit will malfunction. And don’t you worry of the product’s plastic body for inside of it is a heavy-duty metal frame that holds all its parts in place, making the machine very durable.

singer 1507

singer 1507


Customers who bought the Singer model 1507 sewing machine at the market gave mostly positive reviews about the machine. They commended the machine for its compact size that makes this sewing equipment great for small rooms; and its easy-to-follow instruction manual and threading guide (threading sewing machines won’t be easy if not with this product).

Truly the Singer 1507 sewing machine is a thing for homemakers worth investing for. With its small size that actually does much more things than the usual sewing equipment, you’ll actually make the most and best out of your precious hard-earned money. So how about buying one for your own use and experience the best of the benefits it can give to you. [Read More Reviews...]

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