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SINGER Futura CE-150 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

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By: Harris

The Singer Futura CE-150 is a not just a typical electronic sewing machine. Connect it to a computer and it transforms into an embroidery machine. This piece of equipment may sound very expensive. But the truth is it will not tear your wallet because it only costs as much a sewing machine.

The easy to use Singer Futura CE-150

Singer futura ce-150

Singer futura ce-150

Some people are a bit apprehensive when getting a sewing machine. It may look small but it can look complicated. Thankfully, the Singer Futura CE-150 is quite easy to use. It has an instruction manual and a built-in tutorial, so that new users can learn how to use the machine and know its capabilities without sweat.

In addition, its advance capabilities make sewing so easy. For one thing, it threads the needle automatically, so that there is no need to squint one’s eyes and lick the thread (Seriously! Some people do this!) to make sure the thread gets into the needle eye. There also are 3 led lights on either side of the needle area to make sure that there is enough light while one sews.

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Another feature is that with just a press of a button the user can choose which sewing pattern he or she wants to use. Buttonholes are also easy to accomplish because there are two types of buttonhole stitching patterns to choose from that are done automatically.

Creating embroidery patterns using the Singer Futura CE-150

Embroidery is already difficult when it is done by hand. Using a computer to it may sound overwhelming. The truth is the embroidery software makes it so much easier. Just clip the cloth on the embroidery hoop provided with the machine, connect the Singer Futura CE-150 Sewing and Embroidery Machine to the computer using a USB chord, pop in the CD into the computer and embroidery can immediately start.

The embroidery software includes 120 designs and 5 fonts that are ideal for monogramming. In addition, it also automatically reads most embroidery design file formats and applies these to the cloth of choice.

Specifications and requirements of the Singer Futura CE-150

This sewing machine uses the 15J bobbin class, as well as 2000 and 2020 needles. For computer requirements, the embroidery software requires:

  • Windows 2000, XP, ME, or Vista
  • Pentium 3 or faster
  • At least 128 MB RAM
  • A CD-ROM drive
  • At least 500 MB of hard disk free space for the installation of the program
  • A monitor with at least 640×480 pixels and 16 colors
Singer ce-150

Singer ce-150

My experience with the Singer Futura CE-150

I am honestly not experienced in using sewing machines when I bought the Singer CE-150 Futura and Embroidery Machine. I was apprehensive to use the sewing machine when it arrived. Upon reading the manual, I found myself finding it easy to start sewing although there were times when I didn’t feel the information on the manual was enough or described the process well enough. Using the foot pedal needed getting used to but I eventually go the hang of it.

Today, I am proud to say that I have used the sewing machine many times, even in creating embroidery designs on pillow cases and table covers. I have to use it next to my computer every time I did embroidery but despite that slight inconvenience, I would say that buying the Singer CE-150 was worth very dollar I spent on it. [Read More Reviews….]

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