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SINGER Confidence 7463 Sewing Machine

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There are a lot of sewing machines of different brands in the market, at present. How and what to choose depends on one’s preference and degree of usage. However, a person who is out to buy a sewing machine is half way there already when he has already chosen which brand to use. And for over a century now, Singer has been a leading brand. And yet another one of its great creations is the Singer confidence 7463 sewing machine.

What to know about the Singer confidence 7463 sewing machine

The Singer confidence 7463 sewing machine has adopted to the present trend. Everything is going modern and automatic, thus this model is made to be operated by simply pushing some buttons.

This singer model has a selection of 30 stitches that are pre-programmed and still adjustable to perfectly meet one’s preference. It also has the system called drop and sew, which practically makes sewing a walk in the park; the needle threader, which makes sewing a lot more efficient; automatic tension, making sewing in all types of fabric smooth and easy; etc.

On top of the features mentioned above, this model went out of its way to provide a more reliable stitching process through its StayBright light made of LED. LED provides a kind of light that makes things a lot clearer. Also, it does not heat easily, so it can be used for many hours without fearing that it will cause damage to itself or the machine.

Other features of Singer confidence 7463 sewing machine

This product is made of a heavy-duty frame. It used metal as its material, making it very durable. It also has an on-board storage for accessories. This may seem like a small thing but for those who have trouble keeping small and light stuff intact and within reach; this is a great and very practical feature.

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When this product is purchased, Singer will throw in other stuff like needles, bobbins, also some spool caps, an opener of buttonholes, aux spool pin, cover to protect the machine from dusts, and also presser feet, making switching from one presser foot to another so much easier.

Its dimension is measured at 17.5 inches by 8 inches by 12.5 inches, and it weighs 20.2 pounds when shipped. It has a limited warranty of 25 years.

What makes Singer confidence 7463 sewing machine special

The Singer 7463 sewing machine makes a sound when confirming the pattern and the function selected. This is something a lot of sewing machines do not have.



This machine also has a feature called free arm. What this does is to make other tasks on the machines easier, making a professional-looking finish. These tasks include sewing the cuffs part, the collar area, the pant hems and other areas of an outfit that is hard to reach.

It also has a DC motor that will make the machine start-up instantly and stop without casting. This makes placement more precise and accurate.

Customer Review Singer confidence 7463 sewing machine

Singer has been known for its high-quality products. And the model discussed in this article is definitely not an exception. Users of the same support this conclusion. One of the users who gave a review said that it is worth the price. It is a remarkable machine, especially considering its low cost. [read more reviews…]

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