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Singer 9940 Quantum Sewing Machine

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Singer 9940 is a versatile and user-friendly sewing machine featuring an LCD screen with direct computer interface. It also features time-saving functions like automatic thread cutter and needle threader among others.

Singer 9940 Quantum

Singer 9940 Quantum

Features: Singer 9940

525 built-in stitch patterns that can be combined, mirrored, saved and reversed. It also comes with three alphanumeric fonts in both upper and lower cases plus a couple of punctuation marks. Lastly, it features 12 one-step buttonhole stitch systems with exclusive buttonhole underplate.

60 Space Memory that saves up to 60 names and short phrases

LCD display screen with direct computer interface. It not only delivers warning messages when error occurs, it also shows stitch details assisting the users choose the right foot press and tension for the selected stitch pattern.

Automatic needle threader that quickly and easily inserts the thread into needle’s eye.

Automatic thread cutter that trims the thread once stitching is finished.

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24 interchangeable needle positions to suit every project’s need like top stitching, cording and inserting zippers. It also comes with twin-needle feature perfect for dual-color sewing.

Smaller than the standard Class 15J Bobbin that minimizes tension problems and bobbin case damage.

Adjustable sewing speed where users can set it up to 900 stitches per minute or less, depending on preference

7-Segment Feeding System that features 7 feed dogs working together to effortlessly feed any type of fabric to the machine. It also has a drop feed dog feature that lowers the feed dogs for monograms, buttoning and embroidery projects.

Specification: Singer 9940

Warranty: 25 years.


13 Presser Foot

Quilting Bar

Seam Guide and Ripper

Singer 9940 Quantum Sewing Machine

Singer 9940 Quantum Sewing Machine

Customer Review: Singer 9940

It is a quiet machine that works well on both heavy and light fabrics. It can also accommodate home décor and handbag projects. The only problem is, it does not have an external dial to adjust the forward and backward stitch motions. Overall, it is an affordable and well-functioning machine that offers variety and flexibility to users. [Read More Reviews …]

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