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Singer 7422 – 30 Stitch Patterns, Drop-in Bobbin, Auto. Needle Threader

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By: Harris

Singer 7422 is one of the best in its range. Every sewing process is made easy with this advanced sewing machine. Automatic operation features have also made this machine easy to handle and operate.

Enables You to Choose From 30 Stitch Patterns



This Singer sewing machine 7422 has 30 stitch patterns, Drop-in Bobbin, Auto Needle Threader which are the answers to the problem of those who are looking for a fully electronic sewing machine. The selection of stitches is made easier with a push button stitch option.

More Features of Singer 7422  

This Singer sewing machine model 7422 has all the features of a fully electronic and advance machine from the mechanical stitch options and settings to the threading system. Every stitch is electronically made so the user is assured of more even, finer and cleaner stitch. It is conditioned with utility sewing, quilting, ornamental, stretch and heirloom stitches.

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With this electronic sewing machine every stitch made is accurate and precise. This also comes with a 6-second threading system.

Singer 7422 Product Specifications

  • This electronic machine weighs 22.2 pounds.
  • It also comes with an affordable price with all its automatic features so you get your money’s worth for the purchase.
  • Creating fancy and decorative designs in any kind of fabric can be easily done with the stitch selection and setting of this wonderful machine.
  • Even threading is hassle-free with the 6-second threading system.
  • All the stitches made were precise and even so the user comes up with a uniform output.

My Singer Advance 7422 Review   



This Singer advance 7422 electronic sewing machine is a practical investment according to satisfied buyers and users. With all its electronic systems sewing was made more enjoyable and exciting. The operation is easy to handle because of all the automatic features plus the help of the manual to guide the user every step of the way. There was a certain complaint about the thread getting caught in the feed dogs resulting to the timing failure but this can be remedied by using the correct bobbin and needle for your exact sewing needs. This machine got positive reviews especially from beginners and those who are working on basic sewing.

If you are in search of a better sewing machine to replace your old one try an electronic sewing machine for all its automatic features that will make sewing for you an enjoyable and thrilling experience. Sewing has never been this easy before with an electronic sewing machine. The sewing experience is worth every penny you pay for it. [Read more reviews …]

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