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SINGER 4166 Electronic Sewing Machine

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By: Harris

This small equipment comes complete with all the features of a larger one. This Singer 4166 electronic machine is easy to operate with all its automatic features. Sewing has never been this easy with this electronic sewing machine.

SINGER 4166 Is a Portable Electronic Sewing Machine



This electronic sewing machine is handy and portable but comes with all the features of the bigger types of machines. It has an automatic threading that facilitates threading of the needle during the operation so no more hassles in shooting the thread to the needle.

Special Features of the SINGER 4166

The bobbin is loaded on top so no difficulty in the attachment. It can also create buttonhole with a single step. It also has 66 choices of built-in stitch designs that a user can choose from and 5 types of single step buttonhole. It can also automatically operate without stepping on the foot pedal.

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Product Specification of the SINGER 4166

  • This Singer sewing machine 4166 practically weighs 16 pounds and measures 15.6 x 9.2 x 13.1 inches.
  • This is compact and lighter but all the automatic features in an electronic sewing machine are present.
  • It has automatic threading and sewing can be on auto pilot without the use of the foot pedal.
  • The drop feed has a convenient location for easy lowering of the feed dogs during operation.
  • It can run smoothly on any kinds of fabric thin or thick.
  • Quilting, ornamental designs and machine embroidery were made easy by this machine.

My SINGER 4166 Sewing Machine Review



This Singer 4166 electronic sewing machine got superior ratings from satisfied buyers because of its practicality and reliability. Customers gave special mention to its being handy and light but electronic operation. It is easy to operate with the use of the manual. The whole sewing operations were made easy with the automatic functions of the special features. Clients liked the automatic pilot which is running the machine minus foot pedalling. Automatic threading also eliminates the difficulty in threading the needle. There were some complaints about the bobbin type to be placed because placing the wrong bobbin will throw off the stich timing and tension so the solution to this is to use the correct bobbin for your sewing need.

If sewing is your personal hobby or you are a professional sewer who intends to replace your old, worn-out and broken sewing machine you may consider this electronic sewing machine for your personal use. This lightweight machine is a complete sewing machine package. [Read more reviews …]

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