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Juki TL-2000Qi High Speed

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By: Harris

One look at the Juki tl-2000qi and you’d wonder what makes this particular sewing machine special. Just like most sewing machines intended for personal use, the TL-2000QI is small, compact, and portable. Yet, the question on how does it differ from other similar portable machines linger in your mind. Do you want to find out? Read the review below.

The Juki tl-2000qi is a High-Speed Portable Machine



Not many portable sewing machines are capable of producing power. It comes as a surprise that the small TL-2000QI is high-speed and produces industrial-level quality performance. For those who use the sewing machine for personal enjoyment, the high speed addition is a break from many portable machines giving subpar performance. By using this high speed machine, you can make a lot of quilts quickly and efficiently.

The Juki tl-2000qi has an Expandable Work Area

If you think the work space given by the TL-2000QI is limiting, simply attach the included auxiliary table to expand your work area. You can expand this area for as much as 23 inches of elbow room and fabric spread.

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This is very helpful whenever you are working on large quilts and blankets where space can help you finish the job faster.

Specifications of the Juki tl-2000qi

  • Thread trimmer is automatic
  • Inclusion of the thread tension scale
  • Sews material with ease
  • Presser foot pressure can be adjusted
  • Needle has up and down control
  • Has LED-light illumination
  • Needle threader is automatic
  • Bobbin replacement is easy
  • Inclusion of the 1/5 inch JUKI quilting foot
  • Has a knee lever lifter
  • Has an even feed foot

My Review About the Juki tl-2000qi



First of all, the price can be intimidating since there are cheaper alternatives to this kind of sewing machine. At about half its price, you can already get a decent quilter which can be used at home.

But as you discover the TL-2000QI’s functions, you would know why the price is steep for this particular machine. It gives many functions that allow you to work with quilts and large fabrics comfortably. Most portable sewing machines can only handle small pieces to medium-weighted cloth. With the TL-2000QI, you are confident it won’t break down even when working in the middle of a large quilt.

Its stitches are also superb. Overall, I recommend this machine to people who want the full-functionality of an industrial unit but portable-sized quilter.   [Read more reviews  …]

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