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Juki MO-623, Juki 1-Needle, 3-Thread Overlock Machine MO-623

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By: Harris

The Juki MO-623 is your best bet when it comes to sewing fashionable and trendy clothes for each member of the family. On the surface, it looks just like your average home sewing machine. What are some of the new things that it can offer beside the usual? Bearing the JUKI brand, it’s almost safe to assume that the quality and usability of this sewing machine is a given factor.

The Juki MO-623 Has an Easy To Follow Threading Guide



If one of your problems includes placing the thread inside the needle, then you’ll thank that the MO-623 has a color-coded guide to help you with that. The color-coded guide helps out any user by indicating marks as to where the next thread should go. You will never have a problem threading again since the guide is very easy to read even for the newbie user.

The Juki MO-623 is Well-Suited for the Beginner

The MO-623 is equipped with many features designed to help out the beginner crafter. There are automatic features in the rolled hemming, the adjustable tensions, easy cutting widths, and stitch lengths. Of course, the color-coded threader guides as well as the inclusion of the bright lights placed near the needle are helpful additions.

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Even though it is generally filled with newbie-friendly features, the MO-623 does not lag when it comes to the quality of work.

Specifications of the Juki MO-623

  • Color-coded threading guide is included
  • Adjustable tension
  • Multi-function presser foot
  • Heavy duty serging knife system
  • Precise serging method
  • Easy cutting width adjustments
  • Bright lights included for an easier working view
  • Easy to adjust stitch lengths
  • Automatic rolled hemming
  • Built-in Needle Plate
  • Knife-cutting mechanism is disengageable
  • Produces up to 1,500 stitches per minute

My Review about the Juki MO-623

Juki 1-Needle, 3-Thread Overlock Machine MO-623

Juki 1-Needle, 3-Thread Overlock Machine MO-623

The MO-623 is a great all-around overlock sewing machine perfect for personal use. While it can be easy to use, it does not lack in its main features such as the stitch or the knife. In fact, the quality of the stitches is good and the knife is sharp enough to cut clean the fabric. It does not leave any fabric strands and the engine is noticeably quiet too.

This machine is recommended for crafters who want to venture with sergers for the first time. While there are better contenders out there, this sewing machine manages to win over beginners because of its affordable price. [Read more reviews …]

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