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Juki HZL-F400 Show Model Exceed Series – Computer Sewing Quilting Machine

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By: Harris



If you are looking for advanced sewing and quilting machines, I suggest you look for the Juki hzl-f400. Unlike most sewing machines, the HZL-F400 is fully automated, so you can adjust your preferences at the touch of a button. However, can it provide the same quality as top-of-the-line machines minus the computerized feature? Let us find out if this sewing machine can do that and more.

The Juki hzl-f400 Boasts of a Wide Selection of Stitches

Most stitches of common sewing machines include five at most. With the HZL-F400, you get at least nine different patterns and stitches. You can set the current stitch to piecing, appliqué, or zigzag for appliqué depending on what you want to have with your piece.

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All these stitch settings are conveniently stored in the memory so you just have to push the corresponding button in the sewing machine’s Direct Select mode.

The Juki hzl-f400 has a Unique Box Feed Technology

Most sewing machines are equipped only with a conventional feed. With the HZL-F400, you get a box feed which is bigger and has more advanced features. For example, you can provide great and durable stitch qualities even for heavy fabrics and materials because of the box feed technology. The feed prevents shifting and shrinking so working on heavy fabrics is easier and smoother.

Specifications of the Juki hzl-f400

  • Inclusion of the box feed technology
  • Can handle super lightweight to very heavy materials
  • Has an optional wider sewing space table
  • Free motion sewing is supported
  • Has a knee lifting lever
  • Has an even foot control
  • Provides 16 types of button holes
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Bobbin thread winding is easier
  • Fast bobbin preparation
  • Direct stitch pattern selection

My Review about the Juki hzl-f400



Overall, the HZL-F400 provides the needed strength and power to complete large assignments such as quilts and blankets. This is an impressive task to accomplish using just a portable sewing machine as the HZL-F400. One of my favorite things about this machine is the computerized selection screen. Because of that, I have a visual guide on what the stitches look like so I can easily select the ones I like to work on my quilts.

The only thing small about the HZL-F400 is its size, but for other things, it accomplishes the task just as well, and perhaps even better than industrialized sewing machines. [Read more reviews …]

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