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Janome Magnolia 7330 Reviews – Instant Precision at an Affordable Price.

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The most advanced sewing machine of Janome’s Magnolia Line. The Janome Magnolia 7330 Reviews allows you to add flair to your wardrobe, home, or any sewing project at a great value. The Janome 7330 provide a lot of automatic features and also uses the same precision and technology the Janome brand is well known for.



Jam-packed with multiple sewer-friendly features, the Janome Magnolia 7330 Reviews is a wonderful sewing machine that has a total of 30 different stitches, including buttonhole stitches that allow you to perfectly sew buttons in an instant. The Janome 7330 also has an LED display to easily view and adjust its settings, allowing you to easily count the stitches made while also editing stitch length or width by just a single press of a button.

Expressing Your Creativity with the Janome 7330 magnolia

The Janome magnolia 7330 boasts of its Seven-Feed Teeth Box Feeding System, which allows superior feeding. No need to worry about how light or how heavy the fabric you are using; with the Janome 7330, you can easily stitch on any type of fabric. Threading this sewing machine’s needle threader has also never been this easy. With its Automatic Needle Threader System, The Janome 7330 allows you to simply pull the needle threader down and place the thread inside the hook and then in the needle’s front side before pulling the threader back up.

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The Janome magnolia 7330 is a computerized sewing machine that allows you to improve your sewing ability. Its craft accessory makes it possible for you to add your own touches to your various sewing projects. The Janome 7330 is all about instant functionality. It allows you to start and stop stitching by just a touch of a button. You can also easily adjust needle position with its needle position button. You can also take advantage of the Free Arm Feature available in the Janome 7330, allowing you to do shirtsleeves and pant legs with ease.

Specifications – Janome 7330 magnolia computerized sewing machine

  • Easily switch from normal to reverse with the Reverse Stitch button
  • Auto-Lock feature
  • Superior Feed System (SFS) made possible with the combination of the 7-piece feed dog system and the horizontal jam-free rotary bobbin system
  • Buttons that automatically adjust width, length, and stitch number. No need to do any time consuming adjustments manually
  • Easily adjust the perfect buttonhole with the sensor button hole foot. This feature in the Janome 7330 sets the length and the ideal buttonhole for you
  • You are ensured that every buttonhole stays exactly at the same size with the One-step Buttonhole System
  • Easily set how fast your Janome magnolia 7330 can go with its speed control feature
  • Made with high quality aluminum cast materials, allowing the Janome 7330 to last a lifetime.
  • The Janome 7330comes with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty

Customer Reviews for the Janome magnolia 7330 sewing machine



Functional, sturdy, easy, and quiet, the Janome 7330 is definitely an amazing computerized sewing machine that allows you to easily become creative with your sewing projects. Not to mention, the Janome Magnolia 7330 is also packed with a lot of useful features that you will constantly use for any sewing homework. The Janome 7330 is definitely recommended for everyone.

For a $400 sewing machine, the Janome 7330 is definitely a bang for your buck. Although other popular sewing machine brands are available, the Janome 7330 surely stands out among them as it is not only affordable, but it has a lot of rave reviews as well from happy customers. It is definitely a great decision to buy the Janome 7330 for your sewing needs.

The Janome 7330 is a solid machine that never fails to impress. It is great for both beginners as well as those who have years of experience using different kinds of sewing machines. The Janome 7330 stands out among the others with its easy to use features that make every sewing project very easy and fun to do. The Janome Magnolia 7330 is definitely a great buy! [Read More Reviews…]

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