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Janome Jem Gold Plus Portable Sewing Machine with Light Serging

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Janome jem gold plus is both class and function. Even with an affordable price tag, this sewing machine does not come out short when features and functions are talked about. It can be used by anyone – from beginners taking their time to learn about the craft of sewing to experienced seamstresses who want a great machine to use for work.

The question lies with, “Is it worth the money to purchase the Jem Gold Plus?” Read on for the review to know the answer.

What To Expect From the Janome jem gold plus

Being a Janome product, the Jem Gold Plus automatically means it is a reliable sewing machine. Though the machine is light and portable, it does not fall short of features such as the four-step buttonhole, a built-in needle threader, a quick foot conversion and a thread cutter.

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Janome takes into mind the customer’s comfort and ease when using the product because they included functions to make things easier. It also has a built-in serger knife to trim the cloth excess in just one switch.

Being Creative with the Janome jem gold plus



There are 12 programmed stitches which you can use to apply in your works. Aside from this, the Janome Jem Gold Plus trim and stitch has its own excellent Light Serging System which enables you to finish all the miscellaneous tasks of serging and finishing in one simple step.

Now, you do not have to wait step by step just to finish one task at a time. The serging system makes it possible to do the sewing, trimming, and cutting in one fast and easy process.

Specifications of the Janome jem gold plus

  1. Mechanical sewing machine
  2. 9 stitches plus a single 4-step buttonhole
  3. Horizontal full rotary hook
  4. Free arm and flat-bed convertible
  5. Fold-down-type carrying handle
  6. Sewing speed of 700 +/- 100 spm
  7. Pattern selection: Dial on cover
  8. 3 piece feed dog
  9. Drop feed
  10. Snap on presser feet
  11. Built-in needle threader
  12. Face plate thread cutter
  13. Horizontal spool pin
  14. Slit type thread take up lever
  15. Push-pull type bobbin winder

Janome Jem Gold Plus Customer Reviews

It is impossible not to be happy with the Janome Jem Gold Plus. It has many features at the right price, and you can basically place it anywhere you like. It does work smoothly and users rarely encounter problems with it if there is any. Overall, it can be a good gift suggestion for friends who are new to the field of crafting and sewing. [Read More Reviews…]

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