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Janome DC4030 Pink Ribbon Computerized Sewing Machine Review

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Janome dc4030 sewing machine is not just your ordinary pricey sewing machine. It may be expensive but the DC4030 makes up for it in its top quality sewing results. It has a great computerized display and colorful LED lights to jazz up its design.

The DC4030 is definitely a great gift idea to your girl friends who are into sewing crafts, clothes, and other useful items. Before you buy a unit, take some time off to read about what features the janome DC4030 can offer.

Automatic Features with the Janome dc4030

The JANOME DC4030 sewing machine is a fully automatic unit complete with a LED screen, and various button selections for the user settings. It is so different from the traditional sewing machines that to some extent, need a bit of technical know-how to operate.

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With the JANOME DC4030, everything you want to customize can be set with simple buttons. Sewing is possible even without the foot control. Functions such as the thread tension control, foot controller, and needle threader are all automatic and electronic.

Customization at Its Best with the Janome dc4030



Even with the buttons occupying the face of the sewing machine, the users can still set some customizations regarding to the type of quality and stitches they want to apply to their fabric. There are 30 built-in sewing stitches which you can use and select from the LED screen.

The JANOME DC4030 also has a superior feeding system and is drop feed capable. The best part is that you will have a free arm capability given that operations are mostly controlled with the computerized display.

Specifications of the Janome dc4030

  1. Computerized sewing machine
  2. Horizontal full rotary hook
  3. Free arm and flat-bed convertible
  4. Direct stitch selection with LED light
  5. Thread tension control automatic
  6. Foot pressure adjustment dial up to 3 levels
  7. 7 point feed dogs
  8. Electronic foot controller
  9. Built-in 30 stitches including 6 buttonholes

Janome dc4030 Customer Reviews

The JANOME DC3040 Pink Ribbon Sewing Machine from Janome is a truly excellent product. Every buck spent on this machine is worth it because the quality of sewing and stitching you get is superb.

It is fast and highly reliable; perhaps the computerized nature of the control and setup deserves this credit. You can use many varieties of fabric yet the stitching is also consistent. Most of all, the DC4030 is also a quiet worker and very useful indeed. JANOME dc4030 price is worth tu buy. You can get the Janome dc4030 with truly excellent product for only $549. [Read More Reviews…]

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