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Janome DC3050 Review: Fully-Computerized Sewing Machine

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Janome dc3050 review is in demand because of the growing interest of people to this product. This is not a surprising fact since Janome sewing machines are known by many as a strong and reliable brand. What is to love about this particular DC3050 unit anyway? Read on to see what features you can expect from this computerized sewing machine, and if it is worth your time and money.

Janome dc3050 review: Features You Should Know

The Janome DC3050 sewing machine is a fully-computerized sewing machine which works excellently. It has the precision and speed that no traditional sewing machines have. Expect to work on projects a little bit faster than usual because of many automatic features like the auto-declutch bobbin winder, sensor buttonhole, auto-lock, and needle threader.

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The machine boasts of a superior feed system as well and a speed control slider for adjustments. Settings can be made through the direct stitch selection buttons which are very easy to use.

Janome dc3050 review: More Than the Basic Things



As with many products, the Janome DC3050 packs more features which are considered to be its winning factors. One of this includes the machine’s ability to sew 50 different stitches with 3 buttonhole selections. You can try its 24 heirloom stitches, the bi-directional blanket stitch, the 6 satin decorative ones or the star stitch depending on your sewing needs. You can even indicate the stitch width and length according to your preferences.

Janome dc3050 Review: the Specifications

  1. Failsafe Electronic Beep
  2. Jam Proof, Magnetic, Top Loading, Full Rotary Bobbin System
  3. Auto Declutch Bobbin Winding
  4. See Through Bobbin Cover with One Touch Release Button
  5. Extra High Presser Foot Life for Extra Clearance
  6. 15 Needle Positions
  7. Free Arm Removable Accessory Tray
  8. Needle Stop “Up”
  9. Memorized Needle Up/Down Key
  10. Retractable Carrying Handle
  11. Front Position Halogen Lightbulb

The Janome dc3050 Sewing Machine Review

Some of the winning qualities that the Janome DC3050 have include its ease of use, smoothness of process of work, vast selection of stitches, automatic features and durability. It is one of the most amazing sewing machines which you can use not only for clothes, but also for other big projects such as bags, curtains, quilts, blankets and more.

It works accurately and does not jam each stitch unlike some other machines. In a nutshell, it is highly recommended for both beginners and even professionals who love crafting and sewing projects.[Read More Reviews…]

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