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Janome dc1050: The Solution to your Sewing Tasks

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By: Harris



The Janome dc1050 can help you accomplish all your sewing needs easier and faster. Gone are the days when sewing would entail one to do it manually. No more needle-pricks to watch out for and no more aching legs from constant pedaling, as nowadays there are machines that can do all your sewing tasks without the need for that.

With such machines, you can do all your sewing tasks in as little time as possible and with little effort as well. All you need to do is input the stitch you want to use, the stitch length as well as the speed control and you can already sew clothes. Sewing has never been easier than it is now with the help of the Janome dc1050.

The Janome dc1050 Features

The machine is packed with numerous features that every seamstress will surely fall in-love with. Even if you’re not a seamstress, just someone who likes to sew, you will find this machine very helpful with finishing your tasks easier, faster and with great quality results.

  • It offers 50 different stitches you can choose from depending on what type of stitch will suit the cloth you want to sew.
  • The backlit LCD screen has a selection of buttons that are very user friendly for easy use and navigation of the machine.
  • The Janome dc1050 also contains 7 pieces of feed dog, slide for controlling the speed, a button for easy reverse as well as a locking stitch button to lock the threads together so you get a product with no lose threads.
  • The maximum stitch length that the Janome dc1050 can do is 7mm in width and 5 mm in length.

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Indeed, the machine offers you as many choices for the stitch you want to create while at same time makes your life easier.

The Janome dc1050 Product Description



This machine is also very easy to use that even people who encounter this machine for the first time will not have a hard time using it. There is a built-in start and stop feature that allows you to control when to start and when to stop stitching through a push of a button. No need to use your foot to pedal like before as this is also fully automated. There is also a built-in needle up and down to perfectly stitch your cloth on both sides for securing properly.

You also don’t have to buy a needle separately anymore as the machine already has it for you. And to make it safe for places with children, there is a built-in auto lock feature that automatically locks the machine in place when not in use. This makes the Janome dc1050 perfectly safe for any home even with children around.

The Janome dc1050 Product Specifications

In the package you can expect the following:

  • A free arm machine that is fully computerized
  • A convertible flat bed
  • 50 different built-in stitches that includes a 3 one-step buttons
  • Maximum speed for sewing is 820spm
  • LCD display that is backlit
  • 7 pieces of feed dog
  • A thread reaper
  • A needle threader
  • An LED lamp for sewing even at night
  • A start and stop  button
  • Reverse button
  • Soft cover to store your machine in

Janome dc1050 Customer Review



People who have already tried using the machine were very happy with the results. One customer attests that it can perfectly stitch even delicate materials such as chiffon and silk. Hard materials such as denim can also work well with the Janome dc1050. The only problem that they encountered with the machine is when it begins eating the material. But this was actually caused by them improperly feeding the machine with the material. With this machine all you need to do is put the material in place and put the foot down and it will do the rest. They were guiding the material but the machine doesn’t like it thus it ate the material. It is advised that you let it do the job itself so it won’t eat the material.

Overall, people were glad they have found the Janome dc1050 to help them with their sewing tasks. No more needle-pricks and aching feet from sewing and pedaling all day as the machine will do everything for you. [Read More Reviews…]

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