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Janome 8077 Reviews: Janome Computerized Sewing Machine

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By: Harris

The Janome 8077 will definitely end your search for a feature-packed and user-friendly computerized sewing machine. If you love to use a sewing machine that allows you to easily switch different stitches as well as precisely adjust your stitch length and width in just a press of a button, then you and the 8077 model from Janome are perfect matches.



The product is equipped with quality trademark features the Janome brand offers such as the Superior Feed System and the Automatic Needle Threader. But what makes it better than other existing computerized sewing machines available is the precision and power it offers at an affordable price.

Power and Precision with the Janome 8077

Combining all the wonderful features a computerized sewing machine can offer, the Janome 8077 not only offers 30 quality stitches as well as 6 one-step buttonholes, but also an informative LED screen that lets you know every single thing the sewing machine does. You no longer have to worry about ensuring the achievement of superior feeding with the 8077 due to its 7 Feed Teeth Box Feeding System, allowing you to use a wide selection of fabrics, regardless of their thickness and quality.

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The precision tension dial built in the Janome 8077 also enables you to maintain control at all times. This makes your sewing experience with the 8077 model very enjoyable. Controls are also not a problem with the sewing machine. All the important controls such as the start/stop control, pattern stop, reverse, foot control, and needle up/down control are all located in convenient locations that you can easily activate in a press of a button.

Specifications – Janome 8077

  • Take advantage of the 30 beautiful sewing stitches as well as the 6 one-step automatic buttonholes feature offered by the 8077, which allows you to unleash your creativity in various sewing projects
  • Enjoy the creation of perfectly balanced buttonholes that precisely fit your button with the built-in automatic buttonhole foot
  • Be amazed with the power of the sewing machine as it effortlessly pierces through multiple fabric layers, allowing you to work on any type of fabric you desire no matter how thick or how light they are
  • Expect extreme precision with this Janome model through its Superior Feed System, which has been built-in to ensure even material feeding as well as optimal precision in every single stitch
  • Easily monitor your current stitches and conveniently change your stitch width and length with the Bright LED screen built-in on the sewing machine.
  • The 8077 defines ‘ease of use’ at another level with its function buttons that enable you to use the machine’s functions without the need for a foot control
  • Also forget your tension dial problems with the Janome 8077 as it offers a precise tension dial that doesn’t need constant readjustments

The Janome 8077 Reviews by Customer



The Janome 8077 is a superb machine offered at an affordable price. It runs smoothly and quietly and it is also amazingly powerful. If you want a computerized sewing machine that allows you to be creative, then this equipment is a great product to consider. Other machines of the same quality are far more expensive so if you want to save on money while getting the same level of quality and precision, then this particular Janome sewing machine model won’t let you down.

Perfect for both beginner and expert sewers, the 8077 is like a breath of fresh air as it offers lots of easy to use features that you can take advantage of in your sewing projects. You will never go wrong with the Janome 8077 especially when you plan to work on a variety of fabrics. Its amazing power and precision allow you to stay creative without worrying about the overall quality of your work.  [Read More Reviews…]

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