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Brother XR 7700 Computerized Sewing Machine with Free Bonus Feet

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$ 200,00

By: Harris

The Brother XR 7700 is one action-packed sewing machine. Honestly, it would make a perfect gift to somebody who is highly interested in crafts, or simple sewing of clothes and home decorations. Since it is primarily a quilting machine, it can handle moderate to some thick fabric types.

Experiment or Stick to Your Favorite Stitches with the Brother XR 7700



You will never run out of ideas with the XR 7700. A common favorite would be the wide selection of stitch functions that at most total to 110. There are 70 built-in stitches that you could combine with other multiple-stitch functions to create new looks and designs.

The XR 7700 offers four major sewing machine functions, namely; decorative, utility, quilting, and heirloom. You can customize stitches to be super wide at 7mm, zigzag, or anything else but ordinary.

Don’t Fall for the Brother XR 7700’s Lightweight and Portable Build

Sewing machines in the old days were bulky and mechanical, but it gets the job done. However, that does not mean newer models that are more lightweight in size lags in functionality. In fact, the XR 7700 is one of the few machines that are able to combine quality results regardless of its portable nature.

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Consider the small compact design of the XR 7700 as an advantage. Since it is light, you can easily bring it with you to any part of the house or outside the yard with no hassle.

Brother XR 7700 Specifications

  • Bright Working Area
  • Oversized Extension Table Included
  • Automatic Needle Threading and Bobbing Winding
  • 7mm Zigzag and Decorative Stitches
  • 7 1-step Auto Size Buttonholes
  • Variable Needle Position
  • 1-step Drop-in Bobbin Replacement
  • Built-in Thread Cutter
  • 1-Touch Start, Reverse, and Stop Operations
  • Optional Foot Control
  • Free Motion Quilting Drop Feed

Customer Reviews about the Brother XR 7700



It is good to say that the XR 7700 is a popular choice for newbie quilters looking for an affordable unit to start their projects with. The price of the XR 7700 is attractive but it is capable of delivering more compared to its price in the market.

As a result, the reviews around this unit became mostly four to five stars. Customers cited its compact size, handy features, easy threading, and speed choices as the main reasons why prospective customers should opt to try the XR 7700 out. [Read more reviews …]

List Price
$ 200,00