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Brother CE4000 Lightweight Computerized Sewing Machine: Revolutionized Sewing

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By: Harris

Brother ce4000

Brother ce4000

Brother CE4000, revolutionized by the power of the new technology, brings up an excellent feature, to keep you comfortable when stitching. Its computerized LCD panel allows you to choose between 40 different stitch selections. Adding to that, you can also adjust the stitch’s width or length using the keys seen on the LCD panel; where in the width can be adjusted up to 7.0 mm, while the length can be adjusted up to 5.0 mm only.

As a potential buyer you must be worried about whether will this machine be a complicated piece to operate, but worry not, because it comes with a printed manual and an instructional DVD for a index of the functions and operations of the machine. Plus, it includes a 25-year limited warranty to keep it in tip-top shape.

Easier Sewing: Brother CE4000

Sewing is now made easier with a computerized system provided by this product. You can easily switch from one decorative stitch to another, all in a variety of 40 different built-in stitches, and each has multiple stitch functions and all that has to be done is a click of a key seen on the LCD panel. In addition, built in stretch stitches are included which can be used for stitching stretchy and elastic fabrics.

This machine also features 5 different styles of auto-sized buttonholes all done in just a step process. To add to the easiness, this product threads needles automatically and not only that it does that, it also has its own thread cutter.

Comfort Sewing: Brother CE4000

Brother ce-4000

Brother ce-4000

You can create your own style of quilt patterns with the use of the drop feed feature of this machine. It also is free arm capable. For a better view on the fabric you are working on, built-in bright dual LEDs will light up your work space. No need to fetch a separate source of light! Also, this machine includes its own built-in accessory storage.

Specifications: Brother CE4000

  • It has 40 built-in stitches.
  • It is free arm capable.
  • It has a quick set drop-in bobbin.
  • It has a one step auto-sized buttonholes of 5 different styles.
  • It is UL listed.
  • Works on a 120V or 60Hz electrical outlet.

Customer Reviews: Brother CE4000

Most of the people who bought the Brother CE4000 were satisfied with its performance. It was lightweight, which made it portable. The variations of stitches was loved by most patrons, since it gave them an array of stitches they could use for a more decorative sewing. Also, the product is said to be easy to use. Threading became a breeze because of the automatic threader. Plus, the presser feet were easy to change. [Read an other models …]

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