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Sew and Stitch for Less: Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Under 200

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By: Harris

Do you have a limited budget and need to find the best sewing machines under 200? Good news is that not all the good sewing machines out there are expensive. But one should always remember that the cheap ones may not be good as well. There are actually good sewing machines that one might find perfect for his needs with only a budget of below 200 dollars.

Here are the top 5 recommendations that many consider to be the best sewing machine under 200 dollar budget based on trusted consumer reports:

1. Brother CS6000i

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Under 200 Brother-CS6000i

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Under 200 Brother-CS6000i

This Brother CS6000i free-arm 60-stitch electronic sewing machine from Brother only costs $160. It can perform 7-buttonhole styles and it boasts its variety of presser-feet. The machine’s accessories include a hard cover for storage and a wide table for quilting. The LCD screen, however, is small and there are no features for embroidery in the machine. This particular brand/model tops many lists of recommendations for the best sewing machine under 200.

2. Brother XL2600I

This particular model from brother only costs less than $100. This free-arm electronic sewing machine can make 25 stitches. Brother XL2600I is considered to be the one of the best and most affordable machines for beginners. More to its features include 5 presser feet, 1 step buttonholer, a thread cutter and a needle threader.

3. Singer 7258

Coming from the famous sewing machine makers, Singer considers model 7258 as its bestseller for it has many features (basic and otherwise), and yet, it only costs less than $170. Among its features include 100-stitch patterns, easy to adjust sewing speed, stitch selection via buttons, and a needle threader.

4. Michley LSS-505

For kids who show interest in sewing, this one can be a perfect gift. For $40, this Michley LSS-505 is a multi-purpose sewing machine that has 8-stitch patterns. Its other features include double speed sewing, forward/reverse sewing capabilities, and automatic thread rewind. The machine also includes thread spools, needle, bobbins, foot pedal, and threader.

5. Janome 2212

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Under 200 Janome 2212

Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Under 200 Janome 2212

Janome is famous for its quality machines and this one only costing $150 is a good choice. This Janome 2212, however, is designed for beginners as it only has a few features which include 12 stitches, 4-step buttonhole, adjustment of stitch width, free arm, and drop feed for quilting and for free motion.

These five top-rated sewing machine under 200 dollar budget are considered to be excellent buys according to reviews. But take note that although this list of sewing machines may be good enough, it should still fit the needs and match the user’s comfort as well. After all, the most important feature that sewers should find in all these best sewing machine under 200 is that they should like it very much. [Read More Reviews...]

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