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Popular Brands: Choose the Best Inexpensive Sewing Machine

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By: Harris

Looking for the best inexpensive sewing machine? Online, reviews about what users consider the best affordable sewing machine can be found. But how does one really choose the best inexpensive machine when there are tons of them? To give one a good start, here is useful information about the top 4 popular brands offering the best low-cost sewing machine that are usually found with positive reviews made by the consumers:

1.  Singer



The most popular sewing machine brand, Singer has been on this business since the year 1851. In fact, when sewing machines are the concerned, Singer would always be one of the topics of discussion. Since it’s been on the business for a long while, the high quality of their sewing machines is tested through time. Up until now, they create innovative designs in many types of machines they create.

Among their affordable machines include those with basic and creative features that are easy to use ranging from $130 to $200.

2.  Brother Industries Ltd

Brother is a multinational electronics and electrical equipment company based in Nagoya, Japan.  Sewing machines are only one among many of their electronic products. The company considers itself a leader in the global market of sewing and embroidery industry. It’s quite popular for its state-of-the-art sewing machines that are affordable.

One of their bestsellers only cost less than $100. Most lists of best low-priced sewing machines from consumer reviews include many Brother models.

3.  Janome

Another Japanese company, Janome is considered to be one of the world’s largest domestic sewing machine manufacturers. The company is popular for being the first to develop a multi-colored domestic embroidery machine. They were also the first to produce computerized sewing machine for home use. The company sees itself as the most advanced in the technology of embroidery machine making.

They also have affordable sewing machines that cost for less than a hundred dollars. However, their top rated and what many consider to be their best inexpensive sewing machine models cost about $150 to $300.

4.  Bernina International AG

Family-owned business, Bernina is a Swiss company that enjoys an outstanding reputation for its high quality machines reflecting both tradition and precision. The company considers their products to be the most modern and their best reasonably-priced sewing machines cost about $300.  

The fad of creating one’s own set of clothes is continually increasing at today’s age when everyone seems to like the idea of showing the world how creative they can be. And the fact that dressmaking reality shows are everywhere on the small screen only adds to its popularity. Luckily, these top 4 machine brands offer wonderful choices for the best inexpensive sewing machine that can fit one’s needs. [Read More Reviews…]

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