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Best Beginners Sewing Machine Offered

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Best Beginners Sewing Machine

Best Beginners Sewing Machine

If you have only begun to like sewing and you want to make this as a habit, then you can actually start by buying a beginner’s sewing machine. There are a lot of sewing machines offered in amazon.com for beginners. To make it easier for you, here is the best beginners sewing machine according to the reviews and statistics of amazon.com.

The Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine with its great features is the best beginners sewing machine offered by amazon.com. It has a dimension of 12.3 x 7.7 x 9.6 inches and weighs around 13 pounds. It is user-friendly and cost an amount enough to keep you satisfied.

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Product Features

Best sewing machine for beginners

Best sewing machine for beginners

Built-in Free Arm

This feature is best for sewing sleeves and cuffs.

25 Built-in Stitches with Easy Stitch Selector

It also has 25 different stitches in which you can choose freely for each kind of project you are working on. This feature makes it easier for beginners to sew.

Quick-change Presser Feet

It includes 5 accessory presser feet which you can quickly change from one to another for fun and easy sewing.

Needle Thread System and Drop-in Top Bobbin

The needle thread system makes it easier to install the thread and the bobbin can be just dropped to its place.

1-step Auto Size Button Holer

This makes putting on buttons a much easier step.

Light Bulb

It has a light bulb that lightens the area as you sew.

Along with these features is an easy-to-follow manual. The manual can enlighten you how to use the sewing machine without hassles.


  • It has a model number of XL2600I.
  • It can be supported by 12OV AC only.
  • It can perform a maximum of 800 stitches per minute.
  • It has 25 years limited warranty.


  • It is excellent for novices.
  • It has a lot of user-friendly features.


  • It is not advisable for those sewers who want to have a lot of options in their sewing experience.
Beginner’s sewing machine

Beginner’s sewing machine

Customers’ Review Summary

What made the Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine the best beginners sewing machine is its excellent reviews that it has received from the customers. Most of the customers who were very satisfied with it claimed that the product has a manual which makes it easier for them to understand the features and how to use it. It was very easy to use and has a lot of advantages than disadvantages. The best advantage it had was that it was good for those who just started to learn how to sew. It had basic features that allow beginners to use the sewing machine with ease.

The only complaint that it received was that it was hard to find any extra bobbins. [Read More Reviews…]

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